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Hamburg Sex Guide For Singles And Couples

If you’re looking for sex in Hamburg and the best places to hook up, you’re on the right page.

After reading this guide, you’ll know the best ways to find sex partners and get laid in Hamburg whether you’re a single or a couple.

It’s important to understand the hookup culture and how casual relationships work if you want to have sex quickly.

Read more if you would like to have a nightstand, sexual encounters, or find a sex partner in Hamburg.

Hamburg hook up guide and sex

What we love about Hamburg is that the people here have a very proactive approach towards sex. This is the reason you’ll find local hook up sites full of horny singles and couples.

They love experimenting in the bed, and wouldn’t judge you for your kinks and fetishes. You can in fact find multiple sex clubs in the city to satisfy all your hedonistic desires.

So if you’re wondering where to start, then don’t worry as this guide has all the info that you need.

Read till the end and if you have any questions then don’t hesitate to use the comment form at the bottom.


This Hamburg Sex Guide was last updated on 06 December 2021


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Girls in Hamburg

There are many beautiful girls in Hamburg, as many German models come from here.


Appearance And Look

The majority of women in Hamburg have brown to blonde hair and sexy bodies that range from thin to curvy.

They also commonly have straight pointed noses, prominent cheekbones, and use little make-up. Meaning they are naturally beautiful.

When it comes to the look, skirts and dresses aren’t that common due to the cold weather. But they prefer to wear comfortable trousers and shirts that reveal their curves.


Attitude And Values

Hamburg women are smart, punctual, and honest. And you’ll find them also independent and hardworking.

Additionally, they are always straight to the point and mean what they say. Anyway, they aren’t all that stiff as it sounds.

In fact, Hamburg girls during the day might be dedicated workers, but at night they get loose after a few drinks. Making it one of the best ways to sleep with girls easily.



Generally, the women in Hamburg have a pro-active approach to sex. Most single women have no problems with hooking up.

When they’re interested in a guy, they will make the first move and initiate sex on the first or second date.

Otherwise, the least a girl will do is to drop hints that she secretly wants you.


Summary of Hamburg Girls

  • 3 traits: The girls in Hamburg are direct, educated, and love to party.
  • 2 tips: To hook up with girls in Hamburg, dress well and be confident. Talk about interesting topics like politics, and give genuine compliments.
  • 1 fact: Hamburg women are open to having one night stands.


Men in Hamburg

Hamburg men are some of the best looking guys you’ll see in Germany.


Appearance And Look

Most Hamburg men’s hair color ranges from brown to dark blonde. And several of them look after their muscular bodies.

Their aesthetic bodies are helped by their height which is around 5’11 to 6 feet.

However, don’t expect to find much fashion among the men in this city.


Attitude And Values

The men in Hamburg are disciplined, rational, and efficient. You can expect them to be respectful, dislike disturbing others, and keep to themselves during work.

Despite being serious during the day, Hamburg guys like to have fun with their friends by having a few drinks after work hours.

And on weekends and during holidays, men in Hamburg don’t refrain from partying late until morning.

Although you’ll find them to be passive even when interested in someone. So you need to learn how to seduce him into making a move.



They have a laid-back mindset about dating and prefer to have sexual partners instead of girlfriends since being in a relationship isn’t a priority until their 30s.

Even though they regularly go out, they are timid when it comes to getting close to women.

So If you want to hook up with a guy in Hamburg, you’ll need to make the first move.

Let him know that you’re attracted, but don’t invade his personal space. Otherwise, he might start ignoring you after the hookup.


Summary of Hamburg Men

  • 3 traits: Hamburg men are respectful, rational, and enjoy hanging out with friends.
  • 2 tips: To hook up with Hamburg guys, you need to make the first move. Be friendly and direct in letting him know you’re interested in him.
  • 1 fact: The men in Hamburg are passive when it comes to women. So women approached them instead.


Sex Life And Hookup Culture

sex life in Hamburg get laid and hook up

Hamburg is one of the best places to party and have sex in Germany.

Although there is a red light district in Hamburg called Reeperbahn, there are plenty of venues to get laid without having to pay for sex.


Overall Mindset About Casual Sex

Residents of Hamburg have active sex lives without any judgment.

Young people can have multiple sex partners without facing criticism while several married couples indulge in sex parties and swinging activities.

What’s important is that the partners are consent and act respectfully.


Swinger Activities in Hamburg

Couples in Hamburg are very sexually active and like to experiment.

In fact, there are numerous swinger clubs in the city but there is also a massive amount of private sex parties too.

The best way to get invited is by contacting Hamburg’s members on Adult Friend Finder.

Just write on your profile that you’re new in the city, you’ll be surprised how welcoming people are. Make sure to bring some booze and if you host, it’s important to order some food.


Is It Easy To Hook Up In Hamburg?

The people in Hamburg are very mature and laid back when it comes to sex.

It’s not something that they tiptoe around, as most people here become sexually aware at a very young age.

If you’re confident and don’t shy away from getting involved erotically with strangers, it’s very easy to get laid in Hamburg.

The easiest way to hook up here is to sign up on adult dating sites. There are many singles and couples looking for no string attached sex.


Where To Meet People For Sex in Hamburg

If you are looking to get laid in Hamburg, then you are not short on places.

Below we’ve listed the best ways to find casual sex partners.


1. Sex Dating Online

The online hook up culture in Hamburg is growing fast. You’ve many more chances to hook up on adult sites rather than going out clubbing.

The best way to get laid is to use a site like Adult Friend Finder. You’ll find singles and couples eager to have casual sex.


2. Sex Clubs: Swinging And Sex Parties

best swinger club in Hamburg

Bar in Swingertreff Why Not

Hamburg is a great city for those people that enjoy swinging, orgies, and the like. There is an abundance of private and public sex parties every week.

Just have a look at Hamburgr’s members on AFF, to find plenty of couples and singles eager to hook up.

Send them a message by explaining that you’re new in town and looking for some fun. It won’t take long before getting invited to a sex party.

You can also visit one of these popular swinger clubs in Hamburg to have a good time:

PSP Swinger Club – Located at the Stresemannstrabe district, PSP has become one of the most popular Hamburg swinger clubs.

It’s known to be the “singles paradise.”

Equinoxe Club – Located at Eiffestraße 584, an erotic meeting point for both beginners and veteran couples and singles.

When you’re not making hot love, you can jump to the dance floor.

Swingertreff Why Not – Located at Bramfelder Chaussee Street, this swinger club is a great place for beginners who are just getting started with the swinger culture.


3. Bars And Nightclubs

Hamburg nightlife is pretty wild, and if you’re a sociable person you won’t have any problem getting yourself some company for the night.

Below is a list of the best nightclubs and bars for singles in Hamburg:

Herzblut – Located in the St. Pauli district, If you want to enjoy a great night dancing and mingling with people of all ages, then you cannot go wrong here.

Molotow – Located at Nobistor Street, the atmosphere is wild in this underground club. It’s easy to initiate a conversation with strangers, leading to potential hook-ups.

Docks – Another night club in the St. Pauli district. An electrifying place that even Metallica called “the best damn club in the world”.

MashUp Music Bar – A great place with an awesome atmosphere, friendly people, and cheap drinks. One of the best hookup bars in Hamburg.

Moondoo – Located in Pink Palace, Moondo is a night club where you can party in style. If you want to hook up with students, then visit on Thursdays.

The Chug Club – Located at Taubenstraße 13, this cocktail bar is a great place to meet cougars in Hamburg.

So make sure to learn the art of seducing older women.

Hamburg people party late, so don’t go out before 11 pm and hit the nightclubs after 1 am. It’s the norm to party until morning.

As you can see most of the action is in St Pauli district, but also Sternschanze has several bars and nightclubs.

And remember to avoid Reeperbahn red light district if you are looking for a legitimate laid.


4. Strip Clubs

You can find several Hamburg strip clubs that offer male and female stripteases, couple-sex, pole dance, lap dance, and much more!

Yet, don’t expect German strippers because most are from East Europe.

Here are some of the best Hamburg strip clubs to check out:

• A La Charm – Located at Große Freiheit 7, one of the best places to enjoy private stripteases and table dances in Hamburg.

• Relax Club – this is a high-end gentleman club that also offers striptease and shows.

Unlike the other strip clubs in Hamburg, the ambiance is relaxed. You can get a blow job by topless girls here.

• Pink Palace – One of the most popular strip club in Hamburg. You can get topless girls here for 30 Euros and apart from that, the entry club is also free.

girl from relax strip club in Hamburg

And if you don’t like the crowded atmosphere inside strip clubs, then you can also try adult cam sites like StripChat.


5. Transsexual And Transgenders

Hamburg trans population has a few places where they meet. One of those is the Olivia Jones Bar.

It is located at Grobe Freiheit and you can always find transsexual/transvestites here to connect with.

Apart from that, you’ve better chances to hook up on trans dating sites.


6. BDSM Clubs

If you are into kinky fun like bondage, being watched or tied up while someone fuck you, there are a few places to have a good time.

One of the most popular places for singles and couples into fetish erotic is the Touch Club. It is located at Erichstrabe 16 Street.

They have a nightclub and a separate playroom with several toys.

Alternatively, you can go for Catonium which isn’t only a meeting place for kinky people, but also offer bondage training for novices.

You can also connect with a large community of dominant and submissive sex members at


7. Hookups During The Day

There are plenty of places to pick up girls in Hamburg or get approached by local guys.

Europa Passage and Alstertal Einkaufszentrum are two popular malls in Hamburg where you can find plenty of hook up opportunities.


Alstertal Einkaufszentrum

If you want to chat with younger girls or guys, you can always go to university cafeterias in Hamburg.

In case you are in Hamburg around Christmas time, do visit the City Hall Christmas Market because, during that time, the place is crowded with many girls and guys.

Lastly, fitness centers like Evo Fitness are also great pickup spots, especially if you have a great physique.


Sugar Daddies & Sugar Babies in Hamburg

Hamburg is a beautiful city, and exploring it becomes even more enjoyable with someone you’re physically attracted to.

Just imagine waking up right beside a sexy partner. Going where ever you want, and doing what your heart desires without the fear of being judged.

Enjoy the emotional and sexaul benefits of an arrangement relationship but without drama and emotional baggage.

Imagine having the company of a sexy partner while having interesting conversations and nights of intense sex.

The easiest way to find such a relationship with benefits is through sites like Sugar Daddy Meet.

The only thing you need to do is set up a profile and be honest about what you’re looking for.

Be honest and you’ll find the companionship you need in no time.


Best Places for Outdoor Sex

Tired of having the same old vanilla sex in your bedroom? Why not mix things up a bit and take the action outdoors?

Here are some outdoor places to have sex in Hamburg:

Große Wallanlagen – This huge shaded park is conveniently located in the city center and has enough hidden spots to give you some privacy.

Innocentia Park – Park with a large meadow and plenty of trees to hide behind. But make sure to visit at night.

Heidschnuckenweg Etappe 1 – This place is so big that you can find maps here to navigate. Just bring a sheet and find the most secluded area.

Hainesch-Iland Nature Reserve – Nature reserve with multiple trails. So like always, the plan is to get off track and enjoy a steamy session.

Hainesch-Iland Nature Reserve

If you’re looking for more options then we have a full list of the best outdoor places for sex that you can refer to.


Hostels And Hotels For Sex in Hamburg

It’s nice to stay among like-minded people who can share your same interests.

If you like to party and hook up, these hostels in Hamburg are the way to go:

If you prefer to have intimate moments with your partner/s consider these hotels:


Safe Sex and Clinics in Hamburg

It is easy to be completely lost in the exciting hook-up culture in Hamburg. However, your health always comes first so make sure to get periodic health check-ups and cover-up.

Going to a clinic every now and then for pregnancy and STD tests can save you a lot of unwanted headaches.

To find English-speaking staff members in Hamburg, you can visit Schoen Clinic Hamburg and Praxisklinik Winterhude.

Hope this Hamburg sex guide is been useful. Enjoy the city, and don’t forget to hook up.



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