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Manchester Sex Guide For Singles And Couples

If you’re looking for sex in Manchester, this guide has all the info that you need.

This sex guide will show you the best places where to find sex and how to get laid in Manchester.

But also you’ll get an insight into the hookup culture and no string attached relationships.

Read more if you would like to have sexual encounters, regular hookups, or find a sex partner in Manchester.

Manchester hookup guide sex

Manchester is considered to be the party capital of the U.K. People here are sexually open-minded and casual sex is the norm rather than the exception.

Hopping on local hook up sites is the easiest way to connect with horny singles and couples. Alternatively, sex clubs are the next best way to get laid in this city.

And if you’re unsure where to start, then don’t worry. In this guide, we’ll share a list of the best places to get laid in Manchester.

So read till the end and don’t hesitate to use the form at the bottom if you have any questions.


This Manchester Sex Guide was last updated on 1 December 2021


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Girls in Manchester

The only thing girls in Manchester need is a drink. After that, they’d easily be down for sex.

But keep in mind that they can be a bit loud and wild – especially the students.


Looks And Physical Appearance

Manchester is a cosmopolitan city where you can meet girls from all types of backgrounds and cultures.

It really doesn’t matter what type of girl you’re looking for because women from all over the world have migrated here to study, work – and play.

But if we talk about local women, then in terms of appearance, they’re usually blonde or brunettes with a white complexion.


Attitude and Values

As they say in England – you won’t meet friendlier girls than in northern cities like Manchester.

However, if you’re traveling to Manchester, or moving here as an expat, discard all stereotypes you have in mind about English women in general.

Manchester girls are not generally elegant, posh and sophisticated, and they don’t speak like the Queen.

Instead, they’re “real” and authentic, and they prefer honesty and joking around.

They’re also really friendly and warm, but they can also get noisy when they’ve had a few drinks.

And this is something to bear in mind: girls in Manchester love to drink.



Manchester women are quite approachable and there are two things that they love: parties and sex.

You don’t even need to use witty one-liners on them. Just be yourself, initiate a conversation and exchange the digits.

The only thing you need to know is the basics of how to hook up with a girl, and you’re good to go.

Either way, if she agrees to have a few drinks with you, then bedding her wouldn’t be too difficult.

Just be flirtatious, and don’t hesitate to bring her back to your place.


Summary of Manchester Girls

  • 3 Traits: Girls in Manchester are friendly, open-minded and jolly.
  • 2 Tips: Act natural and be nice to local girls to seduce them.
  • 1 Fact: Manchester girls love to drink.


Men in Manchester

Manchester natives are known for their honesty and friendliness.

The men here would love to meet and talk to you about your culture and life, either over a coffee or a beer.


Looks And Physical Appearance

Men in Manchester are hard to pin down because there are so many different types.

There’s something for everyone here, including hipsters, students, bankers, artistic types, intellectuals, rockers, ravers, and even the occasional DJ.

Or, if you’re looking to date a younger guy, you could head over to the university campuses where many of them hang out during the day.


Attitude and Values

Manchester men are quite nice in general and easy to strike a conversation with.

They’re the type of people who’ll stop and chat to complete strangers (as well as help them out).

So you can use that to your advantage if you’re a tourist and ask them to show you around.

If they agree, then during your time with them, you can follow these seductive tips to physically attract a man.



Men in Manchester are party animals, especially the students. You can find them flocking to bars and nightclubs right after their classes.

And don’t let me start talking about the hookup apps which are extremely popular among the locals.

If they see you alone, there’s a great chance that they’d approach you and ask for a drink.

Most of the time, they’d drop clear signs of interest in you. So asking a Manchester man for casual sex isn’t a second-guessing task.


Summary of Manchester Men

  • 3 traits: Men in Manchester are friendly, honest and generous.
  • 2 tips: Be friendly and let them do the rest.
  • 1 fact: Live music venues are great places to meet guys here.


Sex Life And Hook Up Culture

Manchester is a city of culture, but also of endless parties, raves, alcohol – and sex.

The Manchester bars are packed any night of the week, but especially on Friday night’s when workers are looking to get laid after a hard week.

Saturdays are even busier, when guys and girls go out in search of fun, starting at pubs and ending in the clubs.

Whether you’re a girl or a guy, hooking up at a party would be quite easy.


Overall Mindset About Casual Sex

Mancunians are quite liberal and open-minded when it comes to sex. In fact, one night stands are pretty much the norm here.

Not just that, but Manchester is very open and tolerant when it comes to all kinds of sexual experiments.

Threesomes are not unusual, and neither are swinging activities.

Manchester is the sort of city where no one judges anyone, and where people are open to trying anything once.


Swinger Activities In Manchester

As we mentioned, the people of Manchester are quite open to threesomes and swinging activities.

You can find a number of on-premises clubs in the city that charge about 20-30 pounds cover fee.

Alternatively, there are also plenty of sex parties hosted behind closed doors.

One of the easiest ways to become a part of them is by signing up on sites like Adult Friend Finder. There you can easily connect with the local community of horny people and get private invitations.


Is It Easy To Hook Up In Manchester?

It’s quite easy for both men and women in Manchester to find hookups. The credit for that goes to the party-culture of the city.

You can either flirt and grab drinks with strangers inside bars and nightclubs or practice your street game.

Alternatively, creating a profile on adult dating sites also works and can easily help you get laid.


Where To Meet People For Sex in Manchester

There are a good number of options to find a casual sex partner in Manchester for both singles and couples.

You can either start with local hook up places near you like bars and nightclubs. Or use hook up sites and apps.

Below you’ll find different ways to get laid in Manchester, see which one suits you best.


1. Sex Dating Online

There are a large number of horny students in Manchester, and there is also an active swinging community.

The majority use online mediums like AFF to fulfill their sexual needs.

From singles to couples into all sort of things, hardly you won’t find what you’re looking for.


2. Sex Clubs: Swinging And Sex Parties

Manchester swingers

Swinging in Manchester is pretty common as well as sex parties in private houses and in sex clubs.

If you’re into this sort of lifestyle or you want to get started, go to this site and get to know people. It’s the easiest way to find swinger partners and get an invitation for sex parties.

There are also several swinger clubs in Manchester where you can have fun such as Cupid Swinger Club and Decadance.

The prices for singles and couples aren’t much different. On average you’ll spend about 20-30 Pounds.

Obviously, it is more fun to get into a swinger club with a sex partner rather than alone.


3. Bars And Nightclubs

Manchester has a lively nightlife especially on ladies’ nights and at weekends. It’s pretty easy to hook up with students and youngsters after a few drinks.

Here’s a list of some of the best nightclubs and bars in Manchester to help you get started:

South Club – Located at King St, known for its techno and underground house music, this nightclub is popular among students.

Hidden at Downtex Mill – Located at Mary St, bustling late-night party venue, the perfect place to find hookups in Manchester.

Panacea Manchester – Located at John Dalton St, a vibrant bar with friendly staff, great drinks and a chill crowd.

The Liars Club – Located at South Club at King St, famous for its excellent cocktails among older women. Overall, the best cougars bar in Manchester.

Lola Lo Bar – Located at Deansgate Locks, another fantastic place to vibe with strangers.

If we talk about nightlife areas, then there are plenty of places in Manchester.

To begin with, in the south part of the city, you have Deansgate Locks for nightlife.

Then you have Northern Quarter in the north. And in the center, there is Bridgewater Hall with several bars and nightclubs.


4. Strip Clubs

strip club manchester hookups

Strip clubs offer the opportunity to meet girls and hook up with them after work.

The majority of girls working in strip clubs in Manchester are from Easter Europe and South America.

Below is a list of the best strip clubs in Manchester:

Victorias Gentleman Club – The dancers here are simply mesmerizing. It would be hard to pick a favorite.

Long legs – One of the more affordable strip joints with a 10£ cover fee and 10£ for around 2 mins lap dance.

Obsessions – This strip club is known for its full nude lap dancing service.


5. Transsexual And Transgenders

There aren’t any trans bars or clubs in Manchester.

But the people here are quite open-minded so it isn’t uncommon to find transsexuals in regular nightclubs and bars.

Yet, the easiest way to hook up with transgender is by signing up on trans dating sites.


6. BDSM Clubs

The BDSM community in Manchester is alive and kicking. Just a look at gives you an idea of the number of members into fetish and bondage sex experiences in the city.

You can rent dungeon rooms and buy toys at The Manchester Chamber and visit the only fetish club in the city called Club Lash.


7. Hookups During The Day

There are opportunities to meet new people during the day in different situations like in cafes or on the bus.

But if you’re young, a good place to hang out is at the university campus.

university of Manchester campus

Students are outgoing and on to the idea of casual sex. Victoria University and the University of Manchester are good starting points.

Other great spots are the shopping malls around the city like Manchester Fort Shopping Park and Crown Point North Shopping Park.

Alternatively, Deansgate Locks is also a great area for street game during the day.


Sugar Daddies & Sugar Babies in Manchester

Manchester is a city with one of the highest number of students in Europe. Many of them come from foreign countries and finance their studies while doing part-time jobs.

But we all know that part-time jobs often pay pennies, so it’s difficult for students to make ends meet.

This is the reason why sugar baby/daddy relationships are quite common in Manchester. And there are many successful men here who are willing to spoil young girls.

Just imagine having a sexy partner totally focus on your wants and needs. Also no drama and unreasonable demands.

The easiest way to find beneficial relationships here is to use a site Sugar Daddy Meet.

Just create a profile by being honest about what you’re looking for, and start contacting potential partners.


Best Places for Outdoor Sex

If your kink is to have public sex and enjoy “different” sexual experiences, here is a list of outdoor places to have sex in Manchester:

Alexandra Park – a 60-acre park with enough greenery to find a hidden place for some fun.

Fletcher Moss Park – This park has unusually large trees – which can of course be great to hide behind.

Highfield Country Park – Known for its many hidden paths and routes, so you know why it is on the list.

Tandle Hill View Point – Instead of hiking to the top, you can find a secluded place off the trail for a steamy session.

Manchester outdoor sex forest

Trailer up to Tandle Hill View Point

Looking for more spots? Have a look at our list of best places for outdoor sex in most cities.


Hostels And Hotels For Sex in Manchester

Hostels are a great way for young people to visit the city and get laid with a stranger in the shared dorms.

On the other hand, adult hotels offer privacy and an erotic atmosphere to have sex with your partner.

This is why let’s first start with a list of the best party hostels in Manchester:

  • Hatters Hostel
  • Rahman Piccadilly

And the best hotels in Manchester for a sexy experience are:


Safe Sex and Clinics in Manchester

One thing about hookups is that they are fun, but you want to take precautions and play safe.

Have a condom with you all the time to avoid unwanted pregnancies and contract STDs as well as get tested periodically.

The best STI clinics in Manchester are the Your Sexual Health or The Hathersage Centre.

This ends this Manchester sex guide.



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