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9 Obvious Signs She Wants To Fuck Right Away

Unlike guys who are straightforward about sex, ladies prefer to express their desires discreetly.

This is why if you’ve been getting friendly with a girl, you may not be aware that she’s showing signs that she wants to fuck you.

It also doesn’t help that women’s approach to seduction is prone to misinterpretation. Their kindness is usually mistaken for flirtation or vice versa.

Thus decoding a woman’s real intentions is often tricky and stressful.

Going for it and you might end up rejected. While if you don’t try you’ll never get the chance to have sex with her.

We’ve listed the most obvious signs that a girl is eager to fuck you, so you won’t have to keep guessing.


1. She Presses Her Body Against Yours

signs girl want to fuck

Women typically distance themselves from guys they’re not at ease with. But when they’re sexually attracted to a man, nothing can keep them away.

As a matter of fact, they’ll do everything they can to stick to the man they’re interested in, like glue.

In the beginning, she’ll touch your harm, chest, and shoulder with her hands to feel you.

But if she’s the aggressive type, she’ll even go as far as to rub her chest and ass on you. All to make sure you get her message – that is, she wants to fuck you.


2. She Lets You Touch Her Sensitive Areas

Whether you’re simply talking or kissing, a girl won’t let you go any further when she doesn’t want to have sex with you. All of her private parts will be off-limits.

Should you push her, she’ll either redirect your attention to something else or leave to escape the situation.

However, it could only mean one thing if she doesn’t stop your hands. She’s letting you touch her sensitive areas to physically turn her on because she is ready to have sex.

Moreover, she may even guide your hands to her sweet spots on her own if you take too long.


3. She Suggests That You Two Go Somewhere Private

Girls are always wary and on their toes, aren’t they? It’s one of the main reasons you won’t be able to spend time one-on-one with them when they’re not into you.

So you can expect that a girl wants to be intimate when she suggests that you two go somewhere private.

Otherwise, why else would she tell a guy that she wants to be alone with him?

Also, Jessica stresses this point…

If you or she brought a car along, you guys could go for car sex. But if both of you have an adventurous side, maybe you’ll be open to having outdoor sex.


4. She Exposes Her Body To You

A woman’s greatest seduction tool is her body, and she knows it. As such, she won’t hesitate to use her assets when she wants to fuck.

She’ll do something to turn you on, such as unbuttoning her blouse to show her cleavage… Or she could hike up her skirt to give you a view of her thighs and butt.

By doing these things, she’s basically telling you that she is down to fuck.

Usually, married women who are confident and don’t have much time for soft flirting, prefer to expose their bodies to convince a man to make a move.

There are also many other signs a married woman wants to sleep with you, but this is the most common in our experience.


5. She Jokes About Sleeping With You

Do you know the saying that jokes are half meant?

Well, that’s not the case when the jokes come from women. Whatever topic they’re kidding about tends to be true most of the time.

In other words, when a girl jokes about wanting to fuck you, she honestly wants to do it.

A girl just disguising her horniness since she doesn’t want to seem slutty or too forward in your eyes.

The thing is, women generally don’t have the courage to directly say “I want to have sex with you” or “Fuck me” even though they want it.


6. Her Hands Head To Your Cock

There isn’t a bigger sign that a girl wants to sleep with you than when her hands head straight to your crunch.

She could grab it while you guys are making out or feel it up as she flirts with you.

If she’s shy, she’ll at least choose to caress the area around it.

At this point, it should be clear that she is ready to have sex right away. You need just to carry on with what you’re doing and have fun.


7. She Keeps Bringing Up Sex Conversations

A girl doesn’t always have an ulterior motive when they talk about sex. It’s just a topic like any others.

Yet, if she constantly brings up the topic, there’s a strong cause for you to believe she is up for it.

Whether it’s regarding your activities or hers, if she’s intentionally leading the conversation to revolve around sex. It’s her subtle way of putting the idea in your head.

Danielle Anne’s article explains that a woman wants to sleep with a guy when she repeatedly mentions sex to him.


8. She Touches Herself Seductively In Front Of You

Actions definitely speak louder than words when it comes to understanding women’s intentions.

So even if a girl doesn’t say it out loud, you can pretty much tell that she’s in the mood for sex with how she behaves.

In this extreme case, she wants you to fuck her right there, right now. She is so horny that she can’t wait any longer for you to make a move.

She’s essentially putting herself on the table and inviting you to feast on her.


9. She Encourages And Reciprocates Your Advances

When a woman isn’t ready to have sex with a man, she won’t welcome any move he tries on her. Her ‘no’ will be evident in her words and body language.

She’ll pull back when he gets close or end a conversation when it becomes lewd or suggestive.

Yet when she wants to have sex with a guy, she’ll actively encourage and reciprocate his advances.

For example, if you kiss her, she’ll kiss you back and wrap her arms around your neck.

And if you put a hand on her thigh, she won’t push it away and pull it up to her panties instead.




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